We Turn Difficulties into Opportunities

GMCID Law Office, GMCID Insolvency Office and GMCID Business Advisory are three entities united under one brand: GMCID - a group of companies founded with the purpose and mission of providing high quality legal and insolvency services, complemented by premium consulting services for business.


We meet the requirements of a dynamic and changing market, in which clients look for a partner and collaborator who offers a wide range of integrated legal and consulting services for their business: in effect a one-stop-shop.

We Turn Difficulties into Opportunities

The services offered by the GMCID group of companies have a major impact in resolving extreme situations that a business may encounter:

  • starting with the simplest needs for advice, representation (in Court, in negotiations or before the authorities) or legal advice, to the most complicated litigation or transactions that a company or an individual may be involved in;
  • restructuring the business when a company faces difficulties that are caused by external factors (such as a sanitary, economic or financial crisis) or simply when liquidity is difficult to find, but insolvency is not yet an option;
  • judicial reorganization of companies that, despite their efforts, are unable to pay their debts and have failed to avoid insolvency;
  • transforming a good business into an even better one through different, creative management approaches identified by our skilled, experienced specialists after in-depth analysis of all the important factors affecting a business;
  • crisis management – intervening in situations in which a company needs a different management approach, other than the one that originally built it, in order to enable it to overcome a crisis situation.

Our team of professionals is always ready to address and creatively manage any of these situations and more. Each of us has accumulated solid, long-term experience that enables us to tailor bespoke efficient and ingenious solutions, because we turn difficulties into opportunities.

Our Approach Makes the Difference

In all the years of practice in business law at the highest level we have learned that what you do matters, but how you do it is what makes the difference. At GMCID we do not claim to be the best, but we are proud that we do the best work:

  • we offer personalized and transparent services – the relationship with our clients and collaborators takes place on a personal level, whether we are talking about legal services or business consulting, each client has direct contact with a senior member of our team from the start of a project, until the successful completion of our task. Therefore, our clients are always in control of the costs of our services and are promptly informed about what we can do, while benefiting from consistency and stability in the relationship with our team;
  • efficient and cost-effective – in the current, changing economic context, and in a world that is becoming unpredictable, we have created a flexible and cost-effective way of working. We eliminate all unnecessary expenses for our clients and implement a system of maximum transparency, without hidden or unexpected costs;
  • creative approach – our network of experienced professionals is strong and flexible, dedicated and adaptable to any project, regardless of its size or complexity. Our team is always able to identify the best solutions, no matter how hidden they may be;

We are not just another team of good professionals, we also have the clear goal of being the team that does things differently, because we know that our approach makes the difference.

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